Seed Potatoes
Main Crop

Picasso   2kg/£2.40
Huge cropping red eyed potato.  Keeps well. Eelworm resistant.
Pink Fir Apple   2kg/£3.50
Very old variety with irregular knobbly tubers. Firm, waxDelicious.
Pink Gypsy   2.5kg/£3.20
Eye catching red with white eyes. Excellent flavour.
Multipurpose. Disease resistant
Ratte   2.5kg/£4.60
Wonderful nutty flavour..Long ,yellow flushed tubers.Scab resistant.
Rooster   2kg/£3.50
Good yields of red, oval tubers with pale yellow, dry, floury flesh. Excellent flavour. All purpose early main crop.
Sarpo Mira   2kg/£2.40
Top blight resistance. Red, dry, floury.
Sarpo Axona   1kg/£1.85
Outstanding blight resistance.High yields Late red with creamy flesh.
Setanta   2kg/£2.40
Red skin,yellow , floury flesh. Great taste.
Very scab and blight resistant.
Stemster   2.5kg/£3.50
Large, long tubers .Creamy flesh. High yields.
Good slug resistance.
Valor   2.5k/£3.50
      Large waxy tubers, good for baking.
                    Disease and eelworm resistant.
                   Good for organic growing.



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