Seed Potatoes
Main Crop

Belle de Fontenay   2.5kg/£3.80
Legendary,delicious flavour. Smooth ,firm and waxy.
Cara   2kg/£2.40
Very high yields of large, useful tubers.
Desiree   2kg/£2.40        
High yields of red/purple tubers on
most soils. Good drought resistance.
Isle of Jura   2kg/£3.50
Excellent long keeping, high yielding, long, oval cream variety.
Kerrs Pink   2.5kg/£3.50
Fluffy texture when cooked great for roasting, baking and mash.
King Edward   2kg/£2.40
Many uses. Fine flavour. The Christmas classic.
Light, floury, fluffy texture.
Majestic   2.5kg/£3.20
An old variety .Performs well  in every soil. Excellent for chips.
Maris Piper   2kg/£2.40
An early maincrop with high yields.
Mayan Gold   2.5kg/£4.40
A favourite gourmet potato with the chefs.
An exceptional variety for chips and roasting.
Mozart   2.5kg/£3.50
High yielding crop with good disease resistance.
                   Makes ideal mash, roasts and wedges.
                 Pentland Crown   2.5kg/£2.95
                         Very high yields of good sized tubers.



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