Seed Potatoes
Second Earlies

Kestrel   2kg/£2.40
White with purple eye, creamy flesh, fine flavour. High yields.
Eelworm and disease resistant.
Marfona   2kg/£2.40
Good for roast and mash, excellent for baking. Pale yellow flesh.
Maris Peer   2kg/£2.40
Oval tubers, pale yellow flesh, firm texture, good yields. Avoid dry site.
Nadine   2kg/£2.40
Smooth, white, round, exhibition quality tubers. Fine flavour.
Eelworm resistant.
Nicola   2kg/£2.40
Excellent flavour with a waxy texture. Eelworm and blight resistant.
Osprey   2kg/£3.50
Smooth cream skin, shallow pink eyes. Waxy flesh, good flavour. Salads Saxon   2kg/£2.40
Outstanding flavour. High yields of long/oval tubers. Pale yellow flesh. Disease resistant.
Vivaldi   2kg/£3.50
    Great flavour. All seasons, all recipes! Large oval, yellow tubers,
cream flesh.Scab resistant.
Wilja   2kg/£2.40
Reliable, high yields, good flavour.
Long, oval yellow tubers with pale yellow flesh.



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