Seed Potatoes
Second Earlies

Anya   2kg/£3.50
Higher yielding salad variety. Superb flavour and texture.
Apache   2kg/£3.50
Bright red with cream eyes. Delicious.
Carlingford   2kg/£2.40
Large, smooth, round, white tubers, slightly waxy flesh. Excellent flavour.
Charlotte   2kg/£2.40
Waxy, high-yielding salad potato with excellent flavour. Easy to grow.
Divaa    2.5kg/£3.20
Fluffy texture making fantastic chips, roasts and mash.
Good resistance to eelworm.
Elfe   2kg/£3.50
Creamy, moist, bright yellow flesh. Sweet dairy flavour.
Good for boiling, baking, and mashing.
Estima   2kg/£2.40  
High yields over a long period. Oval with pale yellow flesh.
Firm, slightly mealy.
International Kidney (Jersey Royals)   2.5kg/£3.50
Famous for flavour. Wonderfully waxy when young.
Pale yellow skin and flesh. Kidney shaped.
 Jazzy   2kg/£3.50
Great all round salad potato.
Bursting with flavour whether boiled,
mashed, roasted or steamed.



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