Seed Potatoes
First Earlies

Pentland Javelin  2kg/£2.40
Heavy cropper. Waxy white flesh. Eelworm resistant.
Pippa   2.5kg/£3.20    
Salad variety bred from pink fir apple. Excellent flavour.
Pink blush skin,light yellow flesh.                
Premiere   2kg/£2.40
High yields, good flavour, light yellow flesh. Quick ground cover.
Organic Colleen   2.5kg/£3.65
Excellent all rounder which is blight and pest resistant.
perfect for organic growing.
Red Duke of York   2kg/£2.40
Very flavoursome, dry, mealy potato.
Rocket   2kg/£2.40         
Very early, good yields of round, egg-sized tubers.
Flavoursome, white, waxy flesh.
Sharpes Express   2kg/£2.40
Long, white tubers. Good for heavy soil. Stores well.
Swift   2kg/£2.40
Very early. Firm, fine flavour. Pale lemon flesh. Slug resistant.
Ulster Sceptre   2kg/£2.40
Very early. White flesh. Long tubers. Good for heavy soil.
Stores well.
Winston   2kg/£2.40                                                   
Cream, firm flesh. Good flavour.
Early new and baking potato.
Disease resistant.



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