Seed Potatoes
First Earlies

Abbot   2.5kg/£3.20
Very early, heavy yields, Good disease resistance, Firm ,waxy, white flesh
Accord   2.5kg/£3.20
Versatile, high yields, excellent disease and eelworm resistance.
Arran Pilot   2kg/£2.40   
High yields of long tubers over a long period. Firm, white flesh.
Good on light soil.
Casablanca   2kg/£2.40
New white-skinned high yielder. Edible crop in 62 days.
Steam, boil or chip.
Duke of York   2kg/£2.40
Finest flavoured, waxy, yellow flesh. Good on poor soil.
Epicure   2.5kg/£3.20
Old fashioned flavour. Very hardy, round, white.
Foremost   2kg/£2.40
High yields of oval, fine-flavoured, white tubers.
Home Guard   2kg/£2.40
Good flavour. Firm, creamy white oval tubers.
Innovator /Russet   2kg £3.50
A creamy potato, great for roasting, baking or chips.
Lady Christl   2kg/£2.40
Award winning, excellent flavour.
Eelworm and disease resistant. Keeps well.



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